Packaging Solutions

We offer sustainable packaging solutions to fish, meat and poultry suppliers, furniture manufacturers, food and beverage suppliers, stationery suppliers and wholesale merchants.

Solid Board Packaging

We supply an extensive range of sustainable solid board box solutions to the food sector, specifically the fish, meat, poultry and horticultural industries.  We offer PE coated and hard sized substrates where required, in die-cut blank, 4 point glued and leak-proof formats.

For customers looking to design branded custom boxes, we can provide 6 colour lithographic and flexographic printing options.  Our boxes come in a variety of colours and sizes.

The solid board in our boxes is made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper waste and is easily recyclable in normal paper and board recycling channels.

Corrugated Packaging

We offer an extensive range of corrugated cardboard packaging solutions.  Corrugated packaging is one of the preferred choices of packaging options for suppliers because it is strong and robust, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

Our team offer expert advice on individual packaging solutions and also can advise on how to replace polystyrene and plastics with more environmentally friendly solutions, where possible.

Corrugated cardboard material is lightweight but provides maximum protection for all types of products, keeping them safe and in pristine condition during long-distance transportation, shipping and handling.

Protective Packaging 

We offer a number of protective solutions, both standard and bespoke, to ensure your product is fully protected.  Our main priority is to ensure that all products remain in perfect condition throughout the transportation and delivery process.

Other protective packaging options we can help design are layer pads, pallet tops and slip sheets.  By taking the time and effort to create bespoke packaging solutions, it helps enhance brand identity but also guarantees customer satisfaction, increases sales and reduces damaged stock and returns.