We are continually striving to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that will not only reduce our own environmental footprint, but also that of our customers.

Sustainable Workstreams

We understand the importance of sustainable workstreams and we work closely with all customers to ensure that we develop and create the perfect solution for their business.

We hold the Forestry Stewardship Council® FSC® Chain of Custody Certification. This certification shows our commitment and dedication to our environmental responsibility, ensuring all of our board and packaging products are responsibly sourced throughout the supply chain.

We care about providing sustainable products by helping customers to switch from using environmentally harmful substrates to sustainable alternatives.  Our culture of continuous improvement, innovation and learning permeates our entire organisation and ensures that we never standstill.

The Importance of Recycling  

Recycling is a huge part of our business.  During our manufacturing process, we ensure that we minimise waste, and if any waste is left over, it is collected and recycled.

We understand the importance of a circular economy within our manufacturing process.  Processes are in place to ensure we contribute to the protection of our environment and help with the following:

  • Conserving natural resources 
  • Protecting ecosystems and wildlife 
  • Reducing demand for raw materials 
  • Cutting climate-changing carbon emissions